June 8

What’s for Lunch? A Free Downloadable Planner For A Week’s Packed Lunches

Vintage-Line-Art-Picnic-Basket-GraphicsFairy-150x150I have been batching lunches for a few months now.  At first, I had just one lunch a week stowed in the freezer, then two, then three and by the end of that first month I had several weeks of packed lunches in the freezer, ready to go.  Tartan Boy and Tartan Dad liked their lunches.  I liked the savings –  the money, the time and most of all the hassle.  In the mornings instead of dashing around in a panic I flitted about the kitchen like Snow White packing the dwarves their lunch.  “This is working!”  I thought.

And it was.  The freezer, as it turns out, was not.  “This sandwich,” observed Tartan Boy, “is soggy.”  I checked the freezer.  All the sandwiches were soggy, or stale, or tasted a bit odd.  They had clearly thawed a little and refrozen.   I chucked out the lot and went back to my old, chaotic morning self.  More like Shrek making the dwarves their lunch.

4872131_R_Z001A_UC1196873Defrosting didn’t do the trick.  I bought a fridge/freezer thermometer and was appalled to discover that the unit was running a good fifteen degrees higher than it should be.  Meanwhile our lunch costs shot back up.  The freezer was old and the man in the white goods repair shop shook his head and told me it would cost more to repair than to replace.  I admitted defeat and spent most of the money I had saved by batching lunches for the last few months on a new freezer.   It cost £139 from Argos.  In lunch costs alone it will have paid for itself within a year.  But I still feel a little guilty because jt didn’t occur to me to find a reconditioned one.  Next time.

So now I am ready to re-stock the freezer with thrifty, nutritious and delicious packed lunches.   What's For Lunch?This time I am armed with a handy planner to print out once a month and stick to the fridge door.    It has space for me to note what will be on the menu each day of the week and also (crucially for me) reminders of what types of food to include to make sure each lunch is nutritionally balanced.  It will make me even more organised or at the very least make me look like I am organised.  Which is half the battle.

This month’s menu is below and you can click here to download a blank copy.  Why not comment and tell me what you are packing this month?  I would love to know What’s For Lunch? in your house.  (Mainly so I can steal your ideas…)


What's For Lunch in June?





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