April 11

Try A New Free Or Cheap Activity

 Frugal And Fun Or Miserable And Mean?

RetroNewYearsGraphicsFairyIt’s the week to Grow Something and to Try A New Free Or Cheap Activity. (If you have never grown anything before you can sprinkle some cress seeds on a wet tissue and tick both boxes, I guess.) Thrift can be fun – it requires you to be resourceful and creative and that makes you feel good about yourself. But thrifty living can also come to feel relentless, dull and restrictive. It’s the difference between a hobby and a job, between something you dip into when the fancy takes you and something you have to do, however you feel about it today.

Thrift can make you miserable and mean – so it’s important to take steps to make sure it doesn’t. This is why one of my guiding principles is to Be Joyful And Generous, Not Miserly And Miserable. For me, it’s not enough simply to stay out of the red – I want our thrifty lives to be happy ones. Not least because, if thrifty living makes you unhappy, you will start to live less thriftily.


Do Something!

how to buy happinessOne way of avoiding financial misery is to find stuff you can get cheaply or even for free. These bargains are the mainstay of many a thrifty home. But when I was researching how to spend our money to max our Happy, one of the things I learned is that doing things makes us happier than having things. In other words, we would boost our happiness more by finding stuff we can do cheaply or even for free.

Which is why one of my Thrifty Habits is to try a new free or cheap activity together each month. Now, I am not suggesting that you limit yourselves to just one outing a month to save money here – quite the opposite. What I am urging you to do is make a point of mixing things up a little by trying something different each month. I am inviting you to find as many different ways as you can to have fun for free – or as near to free as you can. That way you will never be cooped up at home on a rainy Saturday with restless kids, wishing you could afford to go out and do something. Instead you will have a whole list of tried and tested, on-budget options to choose from.


Experiments In Frugal Fun

It took me a while to get on board with this habit – when I spend money I want something tangible in return that I can keep. Throwing it away on activities that finished in a matter of hours seemed the opposite of thrifty. But I took a long shot on this one and have been truly surprised by the result. Thanks to this Thrifty Habit the Tartan Family have tried lots of outings without much outlay. Some of them have become regular activities on which we now spend money. Some have remained free or cheap activities that we can fall back on when we are bored and broke. Some were a fun one-off that was not for us – but we still enjoyed trying something new. And these experiences have remained with us as happy memories. All these experiments in frugal fun have kept up our morale in money-less months. Variety and activity do make for happy thrifters, it turns out.

Retro-Camping-Image-GraphicsFairy-320x320Our experiences have convinced me of the importance of this habit but in case you are unconvinced, here is an actual expert explanation of The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things. If you do decide to try out a new free or cheap activity, why not come back and add a comment about it – I would love to be inspired by your thrifty outings.

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