June 27

Try A New Free Activity: A Vintage Bus Ride Around The West End

How To Buy Happiness
How To Buy Happiness

It has been a few months since I started trying a new activity each month.  It was an attempt to Buy Happiness – to invest in doing not having.  Positive psychology research suggests that we get better value for money if we spend it on activities than on material goods, and more satisfaction from variety than volume.  So we have embraced that and aimed to try out one new family activity each month to mix it up a bit.

We have not run out of new things to try and we score extra Thrifty Points for mostly finding free ones.  (Strictly speaking we paid for most of them with our Council Tax already).   During June we went nuts and tried something new every weekend:  the annual West End Festival was on, with a packed programme, much of which was free.   We have had a lot of fun, but this weekend was the winner.

 IMG_9892IMG_9879Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trustbig red bus
runs a free vintage bus service around the West End for one day of the Festival each year and Sunday was The Day.  After a short walk in the sunshine we boarded a lovely old bus and trundled along to the Riverside Transport Museum.  Tiny Tartan was delighted to find a seat right behind the driver’s cab, and watched the driver intently through the window.


IMG_9887IMG_9880The bus was full of  happy passengers, the pavements full of smiling pedestrians pointing and taking photos, the streets full of other vintage buses with passengers waving cheerily to each other, and cars hooting hello to their new elderly neighbours.   A mundane trip through familiar streets turned into a big adventure.


IMG_9913IMG_9920IMG_9905More classic buses and a gleaming collection of vintage fire engines were parked outside the museum for the day.  Enthusiastic volunteers showed them off and let the kids sit inside, while they chatted to us about what drives them to spend their free time restoring old vehicles.
IMG_9927We spent so long enjoying the fire engines that we never did make it inside the museum and instead boarded another lovely old bus home.  We are already planning to make a whole day of it next year,  with more stops along the bus route to soak up the festival atmosphere.   If we had paid for it, it would have been great value for money.


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