December 16

Thrifty Things To Do This Week – Steel Yourself And Shop At The Last Minute

Week 3 – December 16th, 2019

It’s the third week of the month: if you can make the time, Preserve Something and Review Your Spending

Are we nearly there yet?

Do you feel like you have been doing Christmas forever? I get that, I really do, but…

From about 23rd December, supermarkets start marking down their Christmas gifts in a last ditch attempt to shift them all before it’s too late. If you have anybody still to buy for (and nerves of steel) hold off until then and spend a couple of hours trawling as many supermarkets as you can.

Or not. It’s up to you. Forget I even mentioned it and go put your slippers on and your feet up. Much better plan.

We have decided, as an experiment, to go a step further and not buy our Christmas Dinner until closing time on Christmas Eve. This is largely prompted by the fact that we are shorter on time than money and I just have not bought so much as a single mincemeat pie so far. But it is also prompted by the fact that we spend Christmas at Tartan Towers by ourselves. We have a very laid-back day on the 25th. If Christmas dinner is a more… eccentric menu than usual we can take that in our stride. I do not recommend this strategy if you are expecting guests!

I am curious to see how this works out but also right out of my comfort zone – I usually start prepping the dinner round about October. The thought of hitting Christmas unprepared terrifies me, but this year I am going to Feel The Fear And Not Do It Anyway. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I will be back next year with a fresh Thrifty Habits Planner.  In the meantime, enjoy your Christmas, however you spend it and whatever you spent to get it.

Update Not only did we successfully buy our Christmas dinner at 5pm on Christmas Eve, we picked up two turkeys for £15. I cooked one on Christmas Day, freezing the cooked leftovers and removed most of the meat from the second one to freeze in small portions and turn into curries, stews, pasta sauces, etc later. The bones from both made a fantastic pot of stock that kept us in delicious risottos for the next three months. We had the aisles almost to ourselves and the whole family enjoyed having a basket each to fill with whatever treats they fancied. Prices were ridiculously low (did I mention this was in Aldi – even by Aldi standards the prices were ridiculously low) and we enjoyed the experience so much that we decided to do it again the next year. Next year the turkeys had all flown the coop, but we got several chickens instead along with lamb and pork and beef roasting joints that kept us fed for months. Who knows what will be on our festive table this year – we are looking forward to finding out just before closing time on Christmas Eve.

Free, Downloadable Thrifty Habits Planner To Keep You On Track

Click here to download your copy of this week’s free Thrifty Habits Planner.

So, you want to get into the habit of spending less without putting in more effort? You need something to remind you what to do and when, so you don’t have to keep thinking about it. The Thrifty Habits Planner is a simple tool to help you do just that. Use it to pencil in which thrifty things you plan to do this week and to pin yourself down to when you plan to do them. If you take control this way at the start of the week, you are far more likely to have stuck to your plan by the end of the week. Sticking your plan up somewhere you will see it every day helps you to stay on track too.

Take time at the end of the week to give yourself a little treat as a reward for your thrifty efforts. Little splurges will actually help you to stay thrifty – read this to find out how.

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