May 22

Thrifty Things To Do This Week – School Uniforms On The Cheap

Getting Into The Habit Of Being Thrifty

Tartan Thrifty is all about getting into the habit of spending less without living less well. Some habits need to be carried out every day, some every week. Some only need to be carried out once a month – and, surprise, surprise, they are the hardest ones to keep up. To help with that you can find a wall-planner to help you keep on top of this week’s Thrifty Habits – the dailies, the weeklies and the ones that only come round once a month – here. Use it to plan when exactly you are going to carry out the Weekly and Monthly Habits.


Thrifty Things To Do This Week

It’s a five-week month, which means we get to slip in an extra week of thrifty habits – so this is the week to Tackle One Big Spend or Take Stock. How about doing both? If you take stock of kids’ school supplies now it will allow you to start tackling the Big Spend of kitting them out next session while you still have time to shop around for the best deals. You can find out how to do a school uniform audit here and how to take advantage of summer fayre uniform stalls to bag a bargain blazer here. Don’t forget to think about stationery, lunch boxes, etc. too.

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