August 1

The Thrifty Habits

Tartan Thrifty is all about getting into the habit of saving money. It’s about taking control by choosing your spending habits. It’s about harnessing your tendency to do things without thinking by making sure you do the right things without thinking. And it’s about routinely basing your spending on five key Principles Of Thrifty Living without having to think too hard about it. The Principles are fundamental to understanding The Habits, so I have listed each Habit under it’s Principle.

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For information about how Tartan Thrifty works, a free Thrifty Habits planner to download and advice on getting started with the Habits, visit Welcome To Tartan Thrifty.

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Take Control

Each day…

Each week…

  • Clean Your House And Do Routine Home Maintenance
  • Plan Your Meals Ahead

Each month…

Each year…


Quantify Your Assets: Exploit And Enjoy Them


Each week

  • Check what food supplies you have in your cupboards, fridge and freeze
  • Write a shopping list to fill the gaps

Every six months

  • Do A Wardrobe Audit
  • Do A School Uniform Audit

Each year

  • Do A Toys And Games Audit
  • Take Stock


Don’t Spend More Than You Have To

Every Week

  • Batch a snack
  • Batch a lunch
  • Batch a main meal
  • Make soup

Every Month

  • Make Something
  • Grow Something
  • Try A New Free Or Cheap Activity
  • Preserve Something


Work With The Real Not The Ideal

Each day

  • Store Your Receipts

Each week

Each month

  • Review The Month’s Spending

Each year

  • Set Spending Targets


Be Joyful And Generous Not Miserly And Miserable

Each week

  • Buy yourself a little treat to keep your morale up

Each month

  • Share Something
  • Grow Something
  • Try A New Free Or Cheap Activity

Each year

  • Set Savings Goals
  • Set Spending Goals

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