June 1

#2 – Quantify Your Assets; Exploit And Enjoy Them

Quantify Your Assets – Exploit And Enjoy Them

41WVk-RllKL._SX339_BO1,204,203,200_De-cluttering is the new detoxing. Not content with clearing out our bodies, we are now rushing to buy books and apps to help us clear out our homes. Even if you have resisted being swept away by the current tide of tidying up… there is a lot to be said for it.

stuffocationEspecially once you realise that taking notice of your stuff is thrifty.

Since you are reading a thrifty blog I am going to assume you want to spend less, or get more for your money than you currently are. That’s what Tartan Thrifty and all the world’s thrifty blogs are here to help with, but I want to suggest that you should also take time to notice what you already have. Why?

Six Reasons Why Auditing All Your Possessions Is A Thrifty Move

  1. Because  you might already have some of the things you need or want. Why waste money buying things twice?

    Why waste money buying things twice?

  2. Because finding out what you don’t have gives you time to save up and shop around for the best prices.Why go into debt or panic-buy at the highest price if you don’t have to?
  3. Because you could find that you have stuff you no longer need but which other people might want to buy. Why have clutter when you could have cash?

    Why have clutter when you could have cash?

  4. Because organising and editing your possessions makes your home a nicer place to be – and it’s free! Why refuse a free home-improvement?
  5. Because rediscovering things you already have is like shopping without spending.What’s not to love about free shopping?
  6. Because noticing what you have got lets you actually enjoy it. Why focus on the things you can’t afford when you could enjoy what you already have?

Use It And Enjoy It – Or It Was A Waste Of Money

Vintage-Letter-Writing-Image-thm-GraphicsFairy-320x320If you don’t know what you have you can’t use it and enjoy it. And if you can’t use it and enjoy it you might as well not have bought it. So this Thrifty Principle is about knowing what you have and making the most of it – and it starts with auditing everything you own.

I avoided doing this for years because it sounds too technical. But quantifying your assets is just making lists, right? I have pens and paper and a brain – I can write a list!

And so can you. Grab a notepad and a pen and pick one area of your home. Start small – kitchen cupboards, say, the kid’s toys, your wardrobe… Haul out everything in it. Set aside anything you don’t want to keep, write down everything that’s left and then put it all away again. Sit down with your list and start planning how you are going to make more use of what’s on it.

Getting Into The Habit Of Knowing How Rich You Are

Quantify Your AssetsYou are richer than you think – you just need to quantify, exploit and enjoy what you already have. Even taking time to audit your possessions in just one area of life (the contents of your freezer, say) will save you money and, perhaps, a little of your sanity. Start small – but do start.

These daily/weekly/monthly and occasional habits are the ones to get into if you want to make the most of what you’ve already got.

Each week

  • Check what food supplies you have in your cupboards, fridge and freezer and plan the week’s meals and snacks around that 

Every six months

  • Do A Wardrobe Audit 
  • Do A School Uniform Audit 

Each year

  • Do A Toys And Games Audit
  • Take Stock

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