June 1

Five Principles Of Thrifty Living

A Thrifty Roadmap

Take Control - Thrifty Principle No. 1You know you need to change your money habits. You want to change your money habits. You just don’t know exactly where to start… Thrift without principles is like travelling without a map – you don’t know how to get to where you are going, you can’t tell if you have gone too far, and you have no way to tell if you are even heading in the right general direction.
Quantify Your Assets - New PageWhen I started trying to become thriftier I just had the vague idea that it was all about spending less. Pretty quickly I realised it was more complicated than that. How thrifty did I want to be? How far was I prepared to go to cut costs? What was the most effective way to be thrifty? How would I know when we were thrifty enough? I needed some guidelines – and so my Five Principles of Thrifty Living were born.


Why You Need To Know About My Principles

Don.t Spend More Than You Have To - New Page (1)The Five Principles are the basis of everything Tartan Thrifty is about – read the Principles and you will know right away if this site is going to help you or not. All the Thrifty Habits we explore on this blog come from at least one of the Principles. They underpin the Habits and explain why each one was included. And reading my principles of thrifty living will get you thinking about your own ideals, motives and limits as you make your own thrifty journey.


Work With The Real Not The Ideal - New PageThrift – and the circumstances that drive us to thrift – requires us to sweat the small stuff as we watch every penny. That can feel pretty overwhelming because there is always a lot of small stuff to sweat. Sometimes we need to step back and look at the big picture. Seeing the whole thing reduced to just five simple principles makes it all seem manageable.


Becoming Thriftier Starts Here

Be Joyful And GenerousYou can click on each principle for more information about what it is, why it made the cut for my Big Five and which Thrifty Habits will help you to put thrifty principles into thrifty practice.

  1. Take Control
  2. Quantify Your Assets – Exploit And Enjoy Them
  3. Don’t Spend More Than You Have To
  4. Work With The Real, Not The Ideal
  5. Be Joyful And Generous, Not Miserly And Miserable