August 7

Strawberry Glam – A Little Jar of Jammy Joy

Strawberry Jam With Added Sparkle

Strawberry GlamWe have been to the fruit farm this week (in between the showers).  The strawberry season is almost over so this was our last chance to get some cheap jam fruit.  (Subtext:  we ate all the fruit we picked last time faster than I could get out the jam pan.) Strawberry jam in the winter time is like a little jar of summer joy.  For the last few years I have dramatically upped the joy-factor by making not jam but Glam – a strawberry preserve that actually sparkles, thanks to the addition of edible glitter.  I can’t claim credit for this:  I shamelessly stole the idea from a poster on Mumsnet – but I can assure you that, having conducted rigorous tasting tests, 90% of my tasters declared themselves to be significantly more joyful after eating the Strawberry Glam.  The other 10% said he just doesn’t like filling in questionnaires.

How To Make Strawberry Glam

fruit-straweberries-beetons-graphicsfairy005aYou need only three ingredients for this recipe but you must get them right:  the sugar must have added pectin; the fruit must be in peak condition; the edible glitter must not dissolve in heat.  Try adding a little to a mug of boiling water:  if it is still there five minutes later you are fine.

Strawberry Glam Ingredients

  • 1kg strawberries
  • 500g granulated sugar with added pectin
  • 500g granulated sugar (do not make the mistake I made once and use
  • just the sugar with added pectin:  it makes not Glam but Glue.)
  • 30ml edible glitter (I use red but silver or gold would work too; the quantity is up to you – add more if my amount is not quite sparkly enough for your liking)


Strawberry Glam Method

  1. strawberry glam jarsPut the oven on at a medium heat.
  2. Put half the strawberries and the sugar in a high-sided pan, stir, and then leave.
  3. Wash your jars in warm, soapy water and then place the jars upside-down in the oven to dry.   Don’t take them out again until you are ready to pour jam into them – they need to be hot to avoid them cracking and to keep the jam sterile.
  4. Now return to your fruit, which should be starting to ooze juice into the sugar.  With a potato masher, mash it up a bit until the sugar is completely pink.
  5. Add the rest of the fruit and put the pot over a low heat.  Stir until all the sugar is completely dissolved.
  6. When the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat up high and bring the jam to a vigorous boil.  Stick in your sugar thermometer if you are using one.  Keep boiling until setting point is reached.  This will be marked as ‘setting point’ or ‘jam’ on the thermometer.  Otherwise, after 8 minutes, turn down the heat and drip a little onto a cold plate.  Let it cool for a minute and then poke gently with your fingertip.  If it wrinkles, setting point has been reached.  If it doesn’t, stick the plate back in the fridge and turn up the heat again for two minutes .  Repeat  until you reach setting point.
  7. Once setting point is reached, turn off the heat immediately and get your jars out of the oven.
  8. Add the glitter and stisingle jam label - New Pager until it is mixed through the jam.
  9. Pour the jam very carefully into the jars. (A jam funnel helps enormously with this.  If you don’t have one, pour your jam into a jug that has also been heating in the oven and pour from this).  Seal your jars as soon as you finish pouring the last of the jam, either with lids or with waxed disks and cellophane covers.  I always have one jar that is not quite full.  That one is for immediate use as the amount of air in the jar will make it more likely to develop mould over time.  Your other jars should keep for up to a year.  They will probably keep longer than that, but the flavour will start to deteriorate and, anyway, a year from now there will be a whole new crop of sweet, red deliciousness to preserve.
  10. Wash your pot, spoon, funnel – in fact anything touched by your jam – in warm soapy water.  Before it gets time to set like concrete.

Strawberry Glam Labels To Download

strawberry glam labelYou can download a sheet of Strawberry Glam labels to print out here.   Print them on white card, cut them out, punch a hole in each one and you are ready to get busy with some ribbon.  For more jam-packaging ideas visit my Preserve Something page on Pinterest.  For more information about how to save money making jam, read my post The Thrifty Preserving Rules.


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