January 25

Very Lazy Soup

One of this week’s new habits is to make soup.    I loooove soup.  It is flavour and texture in the most edible format.  Put it in a cup and you don’t even need a spoon.  And it is perfect gloomy weather food.  (Apart from gazpacho – is the fact that I am from Scotland responsible for my dislike of cold soups?)  And it is a very easy way to get an extra portion of vegetables (healthy, cheap, fills up tummy space otherwise filled with pricier foodstuffs – what’s not to like?) into the family diet. In an ideal world I would make soup ever day.

1acarrotsgfairy005In the real world I don’t make soup everyday.  Why is that?  Is it the hassle of chopping up onions and other veg?  Surely a little chopping and sweating (the onions, not me) is not too much to ask for such a great return?  Soup is so simple and can cook in under twenty minutes, only about five of which actually require my presence in the kitchen.

I have no excuse for not making it most days, but I am trying to Deal With The Real Not The Ideal so I decide that if a few minutes of chopping is putting me off making soup I will start with something completely hands-off.  I spend a pound on a bag of frozen sliced leeks, tip them into a pan, add green lentils and a couple of bay leaves from the garden, top up with cold water and a couple of chicken stock cubes and leave them all to make friends over a low heat.

vegis-leeks-graphicsfairy009bAn hour and a half later I return and add a tiny splash of cream.  That’s it and I am relieved to report it was tasty.  It is unlikely to appear on The Great British Soup-Off but it provided a healthy pop of fibre and protein from the lentils, along with all the nutritional benefits of the leeks, for a few pence less than a small carton of Covent Garden Soup.  And it broke my soup block because two days later I actually chopped some vegetables willingly and made a proper soup with them.

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