March 15

Preserve Something

If Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemon Curd

three jars of mulled apple jellyWhy did I introduce Preserve Something as a monthly habit? Traditionally, preserving was about making a seasonal glut last through leaner times. Preserving is still about taking advantage of things when they are freely available – or even available free. What could be more thrifty than that? In my case it was largely to supply Tartan Towers with frugal treats – artisanal preserves at Aldi prices. Something nice for (almost) nothing. I figured that, if life throws you lemons  windfall apples, you might as well make spiced apple jelly.

strawberry glam jarsSadly, there is not much freely available at the very end of winter/start of spring (although you could get in an early batch of Disgracefully Drunken Prunes this month), which makes this the perfect time to get all your supplies ready for a year of frugal preserving. That way, when you get cheap strawberries at a pick-your-own farm you can turn them into Strawberry Glam right away. I have been known in the past to throw fruit out, mouldy and unpreserved, because I never did source enough jam jars. This year will be different. I am going to start stock-piling jars now, and buy my fresh lids, cellophane disks, etc today so I don’t have to dash out to the nearest (most expensive) supplier mid-jam-session next July. Why not join me this week in getting your preserving supplies in order, ready for this year’s bounty?

The Thrifty Preserving Rules

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