April 18

Money For Nothing

How To Get Money For Nothing

Thrifty Habits PlannerThis week’s monthly Thrifty Habits are to Preserve Something and to Dig Out Your Receipts And Review Your Spending. The main purpose of keeping all your receipts and reviewing them monthly is to allow you to take control of your spending. This lets you keep track of any leaks in your budget – you know, areas you don’t think you spend on but into which money mysteriously flows just the same.

This month I am taking a different tack – I am going to use my receipts to help me figure out how to get us something for nothing.

money mumI like living la vida thrifty. I like getting great value for money but even more than that, I like getting something for nothing. I particularly like when the Tartan Family gets money for nothing. Who doesn’t?

I have a Nectar card (even though I am more an Aldi girl than a Sainsbury’s lady) and I get about £50 a year back in completely free vouchers to spend in store.  This is money for nothing – I don’t shop anywhere I wouldn’t normally or for things I wouldn’t otherwise buy.  But even a thrifty mamma has to shop sometimes and my Nectar card has allowed me to claw back some money when I do. And if I can get money for nothing on that loyalty card – from a shop I don’t even shop in very often – then there must be others that I could get money back on.

How To Get Maximum Money Back From Your Shopping

So,I have resolved to get money back on more of my shopping by signing up for cards from more of the places I already shop in.  Want to do the same? Here’s how I plan to max my loyalty cards in five steps.

  1. Vintage-Apron-Mom-red-GraphicsFairy-thumb-320x320Go through your saved receipts and your bank statements and make a note of where your money is going. Write each shop down as a separate heading
  2. From your receipts, note under each shop the amounts you have spent there this month.
  3. Rank your shops by how much of your money they got this month.
  4. Now Google the top-ranking one with “loyalty card” to see if there is a card you should get. Work your way through the list. Yes, you do have to include the shops you think you hardly ever go into. No, it’s probably not worth your time checking out the ones you only spent a few pounds in.
  5. When you have built up a list of possible cards look each one up and find out what’s on offer then start applying for the ones that suit you.

The key thing here, I think, is to take your new loyalty cards, put them in your purse, and then forget all about them until you are at a checkout. Don’t change your shopping habits to chase loyalty points – it’s only money for nothing if you don’t spend extra to get it.

retro lady fro www.thegraphicsfairy.comThis is the part where I would like to tell you how I have already done this, it has changed my life, and here is a list of the best cards to get. I can’t do that – I haven’t gone through my own receipts yet, and, even if I had, the right cards for me are not always going to be the right cards for you. All I can say is, we are all spending – hopefully less than we used to – and we may as well take an hour to try to take back a little of that money if we can. Good luck maxing your own loyalty!


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