November 22

How To Turn A £10 Bottle Of Aldi Whisky Into A Hamperful Of Tasty Treats

How To Turn A £10 Bottle Of Aldi Whisky Into A Hamper-Full Of Tasty Treats

How to turn a £10 bottle of Aldi whisky into a hamperful of tasty treatsI love Aldi. Decent products, limited range of choices so I don’t waste time making lots of decisions, and – of course – low prices. Their very basic £10-a-bottle whisky is a case in point. It’s fine to drink as a mixer (although you wouldn’t confuse it with a good single malt) and is great to splash into stews and gravies, making very cheap ingredients into a real treat. But this week I am going to try and see if I can turn my tenner into lots of lovely festive gifts. Here’s how.



One Cheap Whisky, Five Frugal Foodie Gifts

baileys fudgehomemade_irish_cream_18863_16x9I will start by making a batch of Irish Cream, using this recipe from BBC Food. Some of it I will bottle for gifts, some I will use to make Whisky Truffles and some I will use to make this divine Baileys & White Chocolate Fudge from Olive.   I love the way the Olive website has packaged this fudge, but can tell you that it also looks great cut into hefty chunks and popped into a cellophane bag. Especially if you add in a pack of cranberries at the final stir to Christmas it up a bit. It makes quite a soft, smooth fudge – if you want something more solid and grainy, beat for a few minutes after you switch off the heat.

whisky sugar rocksTo package with the fudge and some nice coffee, I will make a quick batch of these Whisky Sugar Rocks from A Subtle Revelry.  So simple, so decadent.  And so thrifty.

whisky bacon jamIf there is any left after that, I am planning to blow Tartan Dad’s mind on Christmas morning with a big jar of Eat Like A Girl’s Whisky Bacon Jam.  And if there’s any left after that…  I am going to kick back with a wee hot toddy. Cook’s perk.


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  1. By Gina Caro on

    We are also big Aldi fans although they have yet to open one in the town we live in so Lidl has to suffice for now. That Irish Cream sounds very nice, might have to try that. Thank you for linking up to #ThriftyThursday


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