March 22

How To Get A £100 School Blazer For Only £10

How Much Is Too Much For A School Blazer?

How much do you spend on school uniform? When the Tartan Kids both started at a new school last year I was taken aback to find that their blazers alone were going to cost from £65 to £100 each. Too much for a thrifty mama – even if both boys would get the use of some of them eventually.


So we explored second hand blazers and found that it was entirely possible to get a £100 blazer for under £10. I have been picking them up in different sizes whenever I see them and now have ten (and counting) good-as-new blazers ready for wear as the boys grow. The best part? Each blazer cost me no more than a tenner. Interested? Here’s how you do it.

Ten Pound Blazer, Five Easy Steps

  1. Pick your second hand outlet. There are many online sources but I have found it much cheaper to use local jumble sales and school fayres/uniform sales. These need to sell everything in a matter of hours so prices are low, making it easy to pick up blazers for under a fiver. The downside? They usually look pretty tatty – which is why the next step is important.
  2. It’s easy to pick up blazers for under a fiver

    Check each blazer over to decide if it’s worth buying. Are stains on the surface or soaked in? Soaked-in stains are unlikely to shift but surface ones can be easily removed by dry cleaning. Are the button holes unravelling;  cuffs fraying;  collars and elbows wearing thin? If the answer to any of these is yes, put the blazer down and move onto the next one.  Are the pockets coming adrift? If you are confident of your hand-sewing, (and can find the time) you may be able to mend these – if not, put that blazer down.
  3. Take your blazers to the dry cleaner. If you wait until you have several, you may get a cheaper deal.
  4. Brand new buttons create a good-as-new blazer from a second-hand bargain

    Replace the buttons – this is the only laborious part of the process, but it is essential because dry cleaning makes buttons look worn. Brand new buttons create a good-as-new blazer from a second-hand bargain. It’s worth bulk-buying replacement buttons – I got mine from Amazon – so you always have enough to make a freshly purchased blazer look good as new. Measure the diameter of the existing buttons to work out which size of button to order.
  5. Remove or cover up any name tags so that the blazer doesn’t return to it’s previous owner by mistake. Add your own. If you are planning to hand blazers down to younger children, get name tapes made up by your surname – that way the tag will be right for whichever one of your children is currently wearing the blazer.

If you have a good memory, you are done. Store your blazers until they are needed. If (like me) you have a memory like a sieve, keep a list somewhere of the sizes you have and the sizes you need. That way you will always know, when you spot a second-hand blazer, whether it’s a bargain you need or an expense you don’t.



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