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How To Fill A Christmas Stocking For (Around) A Fiver

How To Fill A Generous Stocking On A Miserly Budget

Christmas Stocking Planner 1starLast week I shared my (only slightly control-freaky) Christmas Stocking Planner. If you are the kind of person who finds staying on-budget with your kids’ Christmas stockings easy then well done you – I am not. That’s why I need the Planner. My Stocking Planner has allowed me to make sure that, no matter what our current money situation is, we fill our stockings at a price we can afford.

I promised I would come back this week and show you how the planner works, even if you can only afford around £5 a stocking. (If £5 is more than you can afford, take a look at 5 Ways To Make DIY Stocking Fillers – When You Have No DIY Skills.) Here’s how I got on.

How to fill a Christmas stocking on a budget

My (almost) £5 Christmas Stocking Challenge

Stocking Fillers For £1

selfie stickPop-Up Pirate from poundlandThe natural home of £1 gifts is Poundland,  so that’s where I went. I picked the Pop-Up pirate because it is big enough to bulk out the stocking nicely but I could have picked any of a whole range of toys or art supplies. For an older kid I could have picked a mobile phone cover, or a selfie stick.

Stocking Fillers For 75p

75p stocking fillersFor gifts at 75p Home Bargains came up trumps with small stationery sets, art supplies, sticker books and the odd small toy marked down. I reckon a sticker book and bubbles would keep a young child busy at least until lunch-time on Christmas day – and that’s easily worth £1.50 to me.

Stocking Fillers For 50p

50p Stocking fillers

At the 50p level I found an assortment of character surprise eggs in Home Bargains, along with chocolate Santa lollies. Aldi has nets of chocolate coins, Santas or snowmen at this price. I cheated by choosing a 2-pack of cute snail sharpeners from Poundland – one for each boy’s stocking makes them 50p each.

Stocking Fillers For 20p

20p stocking fillers Finding decent gifts at 20p was harder – in fact, I failed. I did manage to find several gifts at 25p though, so I wasn’t that far off. Aside from small bars and bags of high street chocolate, I picked a pack of four pull-back racing bugs from Poundland – working out at 25p each – to share between the boys. If you are filling several kids’ stockings, dividing Poundland multi-packs of small toys, play-dough , stationery, etc. would be an easy way to get your 25p toys. Don’t rule out second hand – I have picked up seemingly unread books at 5-for-£1 at school Christmas fairs, for example. If it looks new to you, it will be fine for a child.

Stocking Fillers For 10p

stocking fillers for 10pFinding gifts at 10p was MUCH harder. Your best bets are second hand, multi-packs and dumb luck – the Melting Zombies were reduced to 10p in B&M Bargains, for example. The hollow chocolate tree decorations from Home Bargains were a multipack that worked out at 11.5p each. Foil wrapping gives them child-friendly shininess and the hollow shape makes a small amount of chocolate look quite substantial.

How Do You Fill A Stocking For Barely A Fiver?

Money-savingPoundland, B&M Bargains, Home Bargains, Lidl, and Aldi are great for very cheap stocking fillers but most supermarkets will have good deals on novelty chocolate treats well under a pound. Sugar is cheap – the less you can pay the more likely you are to spend it on sweets. If you don’t want too much sugar in their stockings, aim to keep your 50p and upward gifts for non-food items that will see some use after Christmas Day.

Thinking outside the box is key – buy second hand, make your own, buy a pic-n-mix and then package up the individual types of sweets in tiny DIY containers, bake festive cookies and cake-pops, team up with a friend in the same position and split multipacks, etc.

Christmas-Fairy-Image-GraphicsFairy-597x1024The main thing I learned is that it is possible to do a stocking for around a fiver but it is not easy. I would struggle to put together a stocking on much less. If you are putting together a magical Christmas for your family  on a very small budget this year you have my sympathy and my respect, for you are working a miracle. Skint Mums And Dads Of The World, I salute you – yours is the true spirit of Christmas.


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