May 26

How To Cut Your Gift-Buying Budget

My latest New Habit is to Tackle One Big Spend each month – the things we spend bigger amounts on.  Things like car insurance, holidays, utility bills.  This month I am starting with Buying Gifts.

ChristmasRetroShop-GraphicsFairy1Is Gift Buying a Big Spend?  Tartan Dad used to work in debt counselling.  December was a quiet month but in January the phones rang off the hooks.  This doesn’t suprise you, does it?  Most people complain about how much they spend at Christmas time each year.  We don’t complain so much about spending money on birthday, etc., presents – although it must come to about the same amount.  Last year, according to YouGov, the average UK household spent almost £600 on gifts for Christmas alone.  Adding in all the year’s other gifts that suggests the average household spent well over a grand on gifts.  So, yes, Gift Buying is a Big Spend.   The real question is how to reduce it.

No, the real question is how to reduce it without other people taking the hump.

I don’t have an answer.  Although I think Dr Seuss pretty much has it right – “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”.  (Dr Seuss didn’t write this, by the way – it was Bernard M Baruch –  but I digress.)  Nobody who deserves your thoughtfulness and generosity would want you to go into debt to buy them a gift.   Yet still we spend more than we can afford on gifts we are not even sure the recipients want.   Year after year.  It’s nuts.

It’s time for a more rational approach in Tartan Towers – and I never feel more rational than when I have a flowchart in front of me. So here to simplify the whole process  is my soothingly (misleadingly?) rational approach to reducing this year’s Gift Budget.  Once I have got control of my Gift Budget, I am going to keep it under control with a free Yearlong Gift Planner from Organised31.  Good luck reducing yours!

Take Control Of Your Gift-Buying Budget
Take Control Of Your Gift-Buying Budget


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