October 20

Glam Your Jam – A Thrifty and Very Nifty Tool For Making Jam Labels

Home-Made Jam Is Thriftier And Tastier Than Shop-Bought – But Is It As Attractive?

LN_004450_BP_10In a blindfold taste test, I reckon almost everyone would choose home-made jam over shop-bought.  Take the blindfolds off, though, and it might be a different story.  Personally, I find the WI-aesthetic of cellophane covers and little fabric bonnets very sweet.  But many people, presented  with a jar of clearly home-made jam or chutney are less impressed.  It doesn’t look ‘right’ because preserves on shop shelves are what we are all used to these days.  And preserves on shop shelves look professionally packaged – even the ones that are supposed to look home-made – precisely because professionals have designed their packaging.

019676Those marketers know what they are doing: a jar of fruit and sugar with a smart label is always going to sell for more than a jar of fruit and sugar with a basic label.  (The Bonne Maman jar here retails at almost 10 times the price of the Asda Smart Price jar.)  So it follows that a jar of delicious home-made preserve, bursting with fruit and made with love, is going to be more acceptable if it has been carefully packaged.

How To Glam Your Frugal Jam

labelled jars of strawberry glam jamIf you have any intention of gifting your home-made preserves – or even just of presenting them with pride at your own table – you need to think about how to package them.  It is easy to track down attractive jars.  Thanks to the magic of Pinterest, it is almost as easy to track down beautiful labels – if, and only if, someone else has already made the same kind of jam as you.  So if you need a raspberry jam label to download for free, you are in luck.  If what you have just potted up is a delicious batch of wild myrtleberry and sweet cicely conserve, however, you might have a problem.  (Disclaimer:  I have never made anything with a myrtleberry, wild or otherwise.  Sweet cicely I can recommend though.)

The Jam-Labelizer:  Free Designer Labels For Your Thrifty Preserves

JamLabelWhich is why I am so excited to have stumbled upon The Jam Labelizer.  (Thanks again, Pinterest!)   The Jam Labellizer is a fantastically simple tool that lets you create custom labels in minutes.  It is the slightly sweeter cousin of The Beer Labellizer, created by Andy Biggs, Andy is a graphic designer with a passion for homebrewing who had observed that many a delicious pint of homebrew is spoiled by a scrappy label. He put a free tool out there to enable his fellow-homebrewers to improve the look of their beers.  Fired up by the success of that project he created The Jam Labellizer, with both subscription and free options.

How To Use The Jam Labelizer To Make Free Labels In Minutes

labelled mulled apple jellyAll you have to do is enter your own text, click the download button, and – within seconds – you have your custom label image.  Note that you don’t have your custom label yet – you will have to import your image into a Word document or similar to create your own labels.  This allows you to make the labels exactly the size you want for the jars you are using, or to print out a variety of different sizes on one sheet.  You can print out onto card and then attach with ribbon or string tied around the neck of the jar.  I have printed mine out onto adhesive printer paper to make it easy to stick to the jar.

Gooseberry JamLabelAs you can see from the picture of my Mulled Apple Jelly, it produces a neat little label that makes your preserve look professional.  The labels pictured here were made using one of the free options but for a mere $5 you can have unlimited access to the full range of label formats, including the option to upload your own images.  If making preserves – or sweets, or anything else that would be improved by a label created with a designer’s eye – is something you do regularly then that could be $5 very well spent.  But if you don’t go for the premium option, you still have at your fingertips a free tool that allows you to make classy labels for all your preserves.

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