March 6

Get Ahead Of The Crafty Curve With Thrifty DIY Gifts

It’s time to think about Christmas – COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!

Christmas-Fairy-Image-GraphicsFairy-597x1024I don’t mean unpacking the decorations (it might interest you to know I have only got round to putting our boxes of decorations away this week…) I mean thinking about making gifts for next year.

Who's Really Going To Thank You For A Home Made Gift Personality SorterYes, I know – I already blogged about how lots of people are not going to thank you for a DIY gift.  I also happen to know that 5 Ways To Make DIY Stocking Fillers – When You Have No DIY Skills has been one of my two most popular posts to date.  So y’all clearly ignored my advice anyway!

Saving Money By Making Gifts

When you buy a gift in a shop you are paying for someone’s time, skills, and resources – even though you may have some of those skills and resources yourself already. You are also paying to heat the building they produced the gift in, to power the vehicle that delivered it to the shop, and to package it up real pretty.  On top of that you are paying a little to each person who has handled part of the process – the producer’s wage, the shipper’s wage, the seller’s wage, etc. So if you can cut any part of that out by doing it yourself, this will reduce your costs – even if it’s only the packaging it up real pretty part.

retro-mom-worry-images-Graphics-Fairy004So here’s the thing: whenever I look at craft pics on Pinterest I think, “Ooh, I could TOTALLY make that!” At this stage – occasionally – a tiny, sensible part of me asks,”Could you? Really?” Well, Sensible Mum is on the right track but the question she really needs to ask is this:  “Do you have the time? Really?”  Because a big part of what you pay for with shop-bought is time.

sewing+printable+vintage+image-graphicsfairy2c-150x150We get exactly the same amount of time every day and no more – we can waste it, spend it wisely, spend it on others, whatever, but we can’t increase it.  So it’s fine that I look at my Make Something board on Pinterest and think I could make everything on there, (I can’t, but that’s another story).

worried gift-giverBut unless I actually leave enough time to do them, they won’t get finished. The road to Christmas overspending, in my experience, is frequently littered with incomplete DIY gifts, cast aside as I sprinted to the shops for last-minute panic-buying.

March Is The Perfect Time To Start Making Christmas Gifts

sewingmachine1So this year, I am starting now.  I have rationalised my gift list and written a revised list of people to buy for. I have taken my own advice and marked off the ones who will absolutely NOT want a DIY gift, and the ones who would LOVE one.  I have trawled Pinterest for inspiration and pinned the DIY ideas that suit certain individuals on my list.  But, unlike previous years, I am going to pick one and start on it now. Now, when the days are still short enough to leave me time to craft in the evenings.  Now, when Christmas has receded to a pleasant memory not a gigantic and urgent To Do list.  Now, when I have time to give things a go, mess up, learn from that and have a second, successful shot.  Now, is definitely the time to start making gifts for Christmas. Care to join me?

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