March 6

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Getting Into The Habit Of Being Thrifty

Tartan Thrifty is all about getting into the habit of spending less without living less well. Some habits need to be carried out every day, some every week. Some only need to be carried out once a month – and, surprise, surprise, they are the hardest ones to keep up. To help with that you can find a wall-planner to help you keep on top of this week’s Thrifty Habits – the dailies, the weeklies and the ones that only come round once a month – here. Use it to plan when exactly you are going to carry out the Weekly and Monthly Habits.

Thrifty Things To Do This Week

Thrifty Habits Planner April Week 1 - New Page

It’s the second week of the month – time to Grow Something and to Try A New Free Activity. Exploring new free activities lets you increase the number of options you have for days when the kids (or you) need entertaining but you have nothing left in the kitty to cover it. It’s also just fun to try something new every so often. So, since the (alleged) arrival of spring is upon us, how about the grandmammy of all free activities – a walk outdoors?


Now, I am always swept away by a tidal wave of indifference from my kids when I suggest a walk. But we have found that the simple offer of a clipboard and a printed checklist of things to watch out for motivates them. Or at least distracts them from moaning…

Buggy And Buddy have made it very simple by picking out 30 free printable scavenger hunts for you to download and take along but a quick search for “printable scavenger hunt” on Pinterest  will give you plenty of other options. You can have a lot of fun making your own too – or letting the kids make up one for the grown-ups.

On a practical note, a clipboard for each child stops fights breaking out over who holds the sheet and a cheap propelling pencil means no sharpening and nobody coming home with an inky moustache. Clipboards can be as simple as the back of a cereal box taped to your printed scavenger hunt – making this a truly free activity. Happy hunting!


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