April 3

Feed Your Family For Free In Ikea This Easter

Getting Into The Habit Of Being Thrifty

Tartan Thrifty is all about getting into the habit of spending less without living less well. Some habits need to be carried out every day, some every week. Some only need to be carried out once a month – and, surprise, surprise, they are the hardest ones to keep up. To help with that you can find a wall-planner to help you keep on top of this week’s Thrifty Habits – the dailies, the weeklies and the ones that only come round once a month – here. Use it to plan when exactly you are going to carry out the Weekly and Monthly Habits.

Thrifty Things To Do This Week

Thrifty Habits Planner April Week 1 - New PageIt’s the first week of a new month which makes it the best time to put all the cash you are going to spend this month into individual, clearly marked purses/wallets before you start spending it. It’s also the perfect time to Make Something. What I am making, mainly, is a mess. We had builders in for major moving around of walls last winter and we are still finishing the place off. This weekend’s project was fitting out our newly built-in wardrobe. At the moment, this means having all the boxes that were ine the wardrobe, out of the wardrobe and all over everything. In spite of the mess, after months of dressing out of an assortment of boxes and a rickety rail, I am very very excited. As I type this, Tartan Dad is in Ikea buying more Algot brackets.

Speaking of Ikea…

Free Food In Ikea

Ikea are running their “All The Furniture You Can Eat” deal over the next couple of weeks in selected stores. You don’t actually have to eat any furniture (phew!). But if you and yours eat heartily in the restaurant, on a weekday, after 4:30pm and then buy furnishings in store, flashing your Family Card as you do and handing over your restaurant receipt, Ikea will deduct your entire cafe bill from the price of your furnishings. Yes, you read that right. Mountains of meatballs for free.

Obviously, this is only worth doing if you have already budgeted to spend money on furnishings. Furnishings, by the way, does not apply solely to actual furniture. And if your food bill comes to more than your furnishings bill it’s not such a bargain – so do your homework first and work out how much you are going to spend. It’s also worth checking your items are in-stock when you arrive so you don’t get a nasty surprise after eating.

If you were planning to buy some cushions anyway, and it’s pouring, and you want to get the kids out the house, take them to your nearest Ikea Restaurant, let them have a bit of fun in the play area there, then go do your shopping and get the cost of their dinner deducted. They get meatballs, you get a night off from cooking – everybody goes home happy.

Check that your local store is participating –  click here for terms and conditions and a list of stores that are not participating. And note that this offer is only available to Ikea Family Card holders. The card is free. You can sign up in-store or online, and it’s well worth having – free coffees, cheap meal deals all year, money off everything from cushions to candelabras, and the free-gift-receipt-swipe, which is coming back at the end of the month.

I would be failing in my thrifty mission if I didn’t remind you – sternly – that this is only a good deal if you actually need to spend more than the cost of a meal on furnishings. And if you I didn’t urge you to take a list to avoid getting sucked into extra purchases (been there, many times…) The deal is on until April 14th. Happy eating!

UPDATE – I have now tried this for myself and it worked! Four of us had a filling meal each and got £25 off our purchases. Which went down very nicely, thank-you.

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