May 23

Delicious Thrifty Artisan Bread For Next To Nothing

NoKneadCrustyArtisanBread5fromcomfortofcookingLook! Actual artisan bread for my DIY Deli!!! I am very excited. I am particularly excited because this beautiful loaf – from Comfort of Cooking – requires barely more effort than using a bread machine. Which means I can turn out a loaf to put on my (artisan) table with all my lovely preserves and a nice goats cheese with the minimum of effort.

Now that I can turn out the deli-style bread, and am well on my way to a cupboard full of thrifty preserves, you know what I am going to have to do, don’t you? Yup – get a couple of goats, milk ’em and start making cheese to go with it.  I’m kidding (no pun intended) – my tiny urban soon-to-be-forest garden has room for a pair of guinea pigs but not for a pair of goats. In fact, having watched the guinea pigs destroying two newly planted herbs this week in under five minutes, I am not sure there is even room for them…

NoKneadCrustyArtisanBread3fromcomfortofcookingAnyway – Crusty Artisan Bread. It is easy and lazy to make for exactly the same reason it is blessed with a sweet crust and big, billowy air pockets. Does it require a pricey magic ingredient? No – it requires time. Just time. Time that you spend doing other things. You mix the ingredients with a spoon for a matter of seconds, cover the bowl with cling film and leave the yeast to colonise the mix at its own pace – at least 8 hours. Then you bake it.  Hands-on time approximately ten minutes. I can’t walk to my nearest deli in that time. And their bread doesn’t cost the pennies this loaf does. I can stir it all together in the morning and pop it in the oven in time for tea. Obviously I could also do it overnight and get up on time to put the oven on and bake it for breakfast. I could. Theoretically.

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