April 24

Batch a Thrifty Snack – Simple Chocolate Chip And Berry Cake

IMG_9428Baking is not my super-power. This is probably down to bloody-mindedness in the face of strict instructions.  I am, however, excellent at eating home-baking, as are all of the Tartan Family.  So I am glad to have this – a delicious cake recipe that freezes well and is so simple even a child could make it.  In fact, Tiny Tartan frequently does.
IMG_9335A Word About Equipment  You need no scales or measuring spoons for this recipe.  You need a mixing bowl and a tumbler.  If you don’t have a small tumbler, a small yogurt carton will do.   You will use this to measure all the ingredients except the eggs.  I have lots of little tumblers.  I wantonly use them all without a thought for the washing up so that Tiny Tartan doesn’t have to wait while I measure out each ingredient.  Living on the edge…


  • IMG_9348three eggs
  • 2 tumblers of sugar
  • one tumbler of oil (I have used rapeseed oil for its lovely golden colour and mildly nutty flavour but sunflower works fine
  • one tumbler of natural yoghurt
  • a splash of vanilla extract
  • three tumblers of self-raising flour.  I happen to know that my large Ikea tumblers hold three little tumblersful of flour
  • some dried mixed berries and mixed colours of chocolate chips.  It’s up to you how many although if it takes up more space than all the other ingredients you might be overdoing it.

IMG_9378Grab a mixing bowl and a spoon and you are good to go.   Tip the sugar into the bowl with the eggs…


Add the oil…IMG_9381

IMG_9385… and the yogurt.  It makes it much easier if you use the same tumbler you used for the oil.  Easier, but less enjoyably messy.  Splash in some vanilla extract.

IMG_9393Now stir all the ingredients until they are completely combined.

IMG_9394IMG_9404Tip in the flour and add the berries and chocolate chips.  Stir gently until all trace of white flour has vanished.

IMG_9405IMG_9419When it is all combined tip it into a baking tin.  What size of tin?  Take your pick!  We have baked it in square tins, round tins, loaf tins and muffin tins.  All good.  Pop it into a preheated oven (160C or 140C if you have a fan oven).  The timing will vary depending on the size of tin you use.  If you bake it as muffins, keep an eye on it after 25  minutes.  For a loaf or cake, start paying attention after 40 minutes.

When the top is turning golden all the way to the centre open the door of the oven and quickly give it a shoogle.  (This is a technical Scottish term.  It is measured accurately with a shoogleometer but if you don’t have one, just watch for the wobble.)  If the centre of the cake still wobbles slightly, it’s not done yet.  Shut the door IMMEDIATELY and back carefully out of the kitchen on tiptoe.   If it is wobble-free, stick in a skewer:  if that comes out clean, you are done.

IMG_9421Take the cake out the oven and leave to cool before turning out.  Cut into slices and eat with indecent haste.  If any is left, it freezes well and makes an excellent snack for the middle of a school-day morning.  You can choose to lament the presence of the sugar, or pat yourself on the back for sneaking an extra portion of fruit into your child’s diet.


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