January 23

Humiliating Scones

When Tartan Boy began school he liked the experience but missed his mum.  So, for his snack we used to sometimes bake cheese scones together, cutting them out with a heart-shaped cutter.  I would butter some and pop them in the freezer and send him with one in his bag for break.  The heart-shape was to remind him that Mum loved him, even when she wasn’t there with him.  He liked this a lot.  We all liked the scones a lot.  Two years later he quietly took me aside and suggested that heart-shaped snacks were now a bit… humiliating.  I paused to admire the way his teachers had expanded his vocabulary and to stifle a wee tear.  I stopped making the scones.

Apron-lady-GraphicsFairy2Several weeks later he took me aside and suggested rather more pointedly that he liked the cheese scones, would like to still take one to school and that I might, perhaps, like to investigate the wide world of other cutter shapes.  Traditional cutters he vetoed because they looked like something a granny might take to school (how long does he think the school system goes on for?) but after some experimentation he settled on  a very inoffensive rectangular cutter.  The Non-Humiliating Scone was back on his menu.  Plus I now have a new threat if he misbehaves:  stop that at once or I will…. send you to school with a Humiliating Scone!

Anyway, I have been using the magnificent Sue Lawrence’s cheese scone recipe, clipped from the newspaper, for nine years.  It is getting a bit tatty now.  You can get a lovely spanking new copy here.  The only thing I would add is half a teaspoonful of mustard powder and a good twist of black pepper.  And a suggestion that you nip into Aldi for their Dark Smoked Orkney Cheddar, which gives a lovely, deep smoky flavour and a strong cheesy hit at low cost.  If you don’t have a non-humiliating cutter to hand, just cut the dough into wedges for scones that look slightly rugged, and not at all humiliating.  Happy baking!



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