February 1

A License To Print Money…


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money mumI can’t show you how to print money (soz) but I did show you a few weeks ago how to nudge yourself towards spending less. One of those nudges is paying for everything with cash not cards. Why? Because it stops you spending more than you can actually afford. You can take that a step further by splitting that cash into separate purses to spend on different budget lines. For me, this is an important monthly habit, because it makes my budget concrete. It’s much easier to convince myself that we can’t afford a cinema trip today if the Treats And Outings purse is empty – even when I know there is still money in the bank. That money belongs to other things.

Cash-Envelope-Template1For the past couple of years I have used budget plastic pencil cases labelled with cheap key rings for all our cash so I can see at a glance how much is in each fund. That works for us, but if you want a thriftier and more stylish option, why not click on one of these to print your own? It’s almost as satisfying as printing money…

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