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5 Ways To Make DIY Stocking Fillers – When You Have No DIY Skills

Home-Made Stocking Fillers – Thrifty, Thoughtful, And Easier Than You Think

santa+painting+vintage+image+graphicsfairy3Stocking fillers don’t cost much – but they add up to quite an expensive part of the day’s gifting.  So making at least some of them will help with cutting the cost of Christmas.  (Santa does it every year – and he knows all about squeezed middles.)  And making DIY stocking-fillers is not only frugal – it’s easy! You don’t even have to have any particular creative talents: just time and access to the internet.

(If you do have lots of DIY skills, pop over to the Tartan Thrifty Christmas Board on Pinterest for inspiration.)

5 Ways To Make DIY Stocking Fillers When You Have No DIY Skills - New Page

How To Make Christmas Stocking Fillers When You Have No Skills

1.  If You Can’t Make, Curate

hot choc conehot choc mug singleIt’s all about putting together things that other people have manufactured, like this hot chocolate set, from DesignMom or this Rudolph hot chocolate cone from Savvy Saving Couple. Much thriftier than paying a premium for a shop’s packaging.

2.  Download Free Printables

REINDEER-NOSES-websanta boxesTake advantage of some of the free printables out there to give ordinary sweets extraordinary packaging.  (Try googling “free printable” for inspiration.) Maltesers are far more festive when they are transformed into Reindeer Noses with this cute bag topper from cocoa+ella design. And cheap sweets from Aldi and Lidl will get the deluxe treatment in one of these free printable Santa boxes (minus the numbers) from Kathy’s Cottage.

santa paper dollsrobot magnetsMany professional designers put free downloads out there to attract customers.  This means you can find professionally produced free printables that make gifts in their own right too. Tiny Tartan has played all year with this magnetic robot kit from Crafts Unleashed. This year I will download a cute Santa dress-up magnet set from Altered Artifacts.  (I will need to remember to cut off the tabs though, as it is intended to be a paper doll set.) Magnetic printer paper is easy to use and very straightforward to cut out, being thicker than regular paper.

3.  Pay For Professional Printables

houses tapes
xmas carsIf you are willing to spend £3-4, visit Etsy for professional downloads like these ones from Claudine Hellmuth.  Once you have bought your download, it’s yours to print out as often as you want.  I will be popping ‘mix tapes’ of little chocolate bars and small stationery items into too-cool-for-school Tartan Boy’s stocking this year and a little house full of jelly babies into Tiny Tartan’s. Tartan Dad will get a car crammed with his favourite treats, and a couple of little extras in the luggage on top. But I will also be using them to give chocolates, gift vouchers and other small gifts to various relatives and friends – saving me far more than the £12 the downloads will cost me.

4.  Give Them A Kit And Make Them Do The Work Themselves


cookie dough rollscookie mixesIf you don’t feel up to baking treats that look professional, make them a kit to make their own.  (This scores double points:  not only does it fill up stocking space nicely, it gives them  something to do later in the holidays.)  Spend a few minutes layering up ingredients in a jar to give them their own cookie mix.  Or make a roll of cookie dough, so they can slice and bake cookies whenever they like. (Remind them to pop it in the fridge on Christmas morning though.)  These ones from The Charlotte Observer look good enough for an adult stocking too!

5.  Don’t Overlook The Skills You Do Have

crispy cake cottagesIf you are up to baking, you could make a regular shortbread dough but use festive cutters to transform it into Christmas cookies.  If you have to buy the cutters specially, clean them when you are done, wrap them up, and use them as a stocking filler with some playdough or Fimo.  Not keen on baking?  A little melting and stirring is all that’s needed to make these Crispy Cake Houses from Landolakes. Decorated with sweets and packaged in cellophane these would make a fantastic stocking-filler.  I know two boys who are going to be delighted to get one each this year…

mrtha stewart goldfish in a bagbath bombsIf you can heat a can of soup and pour it into a bowl, then you can heat a melt and pour soap base and pour it into a mould – or into a bag to make this goldfish soap from Martha Stewart.   If you have ever made a sandcastle, then you could also make simple bath bombs like these from Wayfair.

gingerbread playdoughrainbow playdoughsnowmaqn playdoughIf you can manage to make a white sauce then you will find DIY play-dough a breeze.  Make a rainbow of different coloured doughs like these from Artsy Fartsy Mama and pack them one on top of the other in a jar.  Or make peppermint-scented candy cane play-dough with The Krazy Coupon Lady.  I am taken with the simplicity of this little jar of sparkly white play- dough snow from The Crafted Sparrow. And I will definitely be making Tiny Tartan smile this Christmas with some cute gingerbread-in-a-jar play-dough from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

See?  You are closer than you thought to making memorable stocking-fillers for a magical Christmas morning, without much money! For more inspiration, please visit my Pinterest Christmas Board.  Follow me and I will follow you!


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  1. By Penny A Residence on

    Thanks for including my bath bombs! Love all these ideas, have just got round to playing with melt and pour soap – am trying penguin snow globes!

    1. tartanmumBy tartanmum (Post author) on

      Ooh! I am loving the idea of your penguin snow globes… I am looking forward to seeing the result 😉

  2. tartanmumBy tartanmum (Post author) on

    Penny I have looked and I have loved! The penguin snow globe soaps rock. Link here.


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