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1 Cheap Pic-n-Mix – 10 Thrifty Stocking Fillers

How To Turn 1 Pic-n-Mix Into 10 Thrifty Stocking Fillers

A Magical Christmas On A Real Life BudgetDo you need some cheap, edible stocking fillers that are more interesting than a fun-size festive Mars Bar? Step right up. I am going to show you how a quick rummage in the recycle bin and a few minutes of printing other people’s labels can help you to turn one pic-n-mix into ten different little stocking fillers. A pic-n-mix is not the cheapest way to buy sweets but it is a cheap way to get small amounts of a good variety of sweets, ready for you to give them a festive twist.

My pic-n-mix came from Morrisons. There were no small cups (£2) so I had to buy a regular (£3) cup – which gave me more sweets than I really needed for this project. So, for my £3 I got 15 stocking fillers – that works out at 20p each. Not bad, but next time I will go to B&M or Poundland who both do a decent big cup for £2.

How To Maximise Your Mix

DSCN0516DSCN0518DSCN0520Pick ten different sweets of assorted sizes. Start by packing big flat sweets around the edges. Put in a layer of medium sized ones then pour on small sweets and shake to settle them into the spaces. Keep going till you are done. The key here is small amounts of the bigger sweets – half a dozen of each, tops. When you get home, split your haul into your different sorts of sweets and then hit your recycle bin to see what re-usable packaging you have.

pic-n-mixWhat you do with your pic-n-mix will, of course, depend on what’s in it. Below I show you how I packaged up my candy but you might come up with different sweets. If you need more candy-packaging inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest Christmas board.

Free Candy Packaging

1 & 2 Chocolate Eggs


Dragons eggs free range and organicI printed out these bag toppers from Simplistically Living to turn them into Dinosaur Eggs for Tiny Tartan and made a label with The Jam Labelizer to turn the rest into Dragon Eggs for Tartan Boy. I also ate a few myself. I do have a bit of a weakness for chocolate mini-eggs…



3  Stripy Strawberry Chews

santa boxesstrawberry chewsThese free Santa printables from Kathy’s Cottage, in red and white checks or spots, are a perfect match for the striped sweets. You can leave the number cards off if you prefer.


4  Jelly Strawberries

jar of jelly strawberriesjelly strawberriesIf you have a small jam jar pack these in and top with a circle of paper or cloth, tied on with ribbon. No ribbon? Take a look in the shoulders of your tops and dresses for the loops of thin ribbon that shops use to keep garments on their hangers. Snip these off and use to secure your jar toppers.


5  Smarties

Halloween-Gift-Boxessmarties in a jarAh, smarties. So many things to do with these. If you have tiny jars you could pack them with smarties, maybe even sorting them into different colours and layering them. Or pop them into a re-purposed plastic box and tie with a ribbon. Or print out one of these cute little pillow boxes from Lines Across – exactly the right size for smarties.


6  White Chocolate Sprinkle Disks

goodie-bagwhite chocolate disks with sprinklesI love these little pouches from Babyccino Kids that you can run up in minutes on a sewing machine using old magazine pages or comic book pages. No sewing machine? I find double-sided sticky tape works well too. No magazines to rip up? No problem – supermarkets give their own away, for free, at the checkouts. M&S ones have particularly nice, thick paper. And the current ones are full of lovely, twinkly festive images which will make ideal containers for white chocolate sprinkles – or any other treats.


7  Jelly Beans



magic beansThese are asking to be re-branded as magic beans with this simple seed packet printable from Nothing But Country


8  Blue Bonbons

eada6b85676f0d75e97df5e7bab7e83btoffee bonbonsThese frosty blue balls are the perfect way to use these Snowman Poop bag toppers from Lime & Mortar – either staple them to the top of a bag or seal the edges with a glue stick to form a little envelope for your “poops”.


9  Jelly Faces

keep calm matchbox covers
jelly facesHow about using these cute Keep Calm And Have Some Candy covers from Pastill for matchboxes packed with jelly faces? The website is in Swedish but Google can translate for you. The translation is not perfect but it does allow you easily to find the free download instructions. They fit small matchboxes, and can be cut fairly easily to size.

10  Chocolate Raisins

reindeer-poop-printableIf life gives you chocolate raisins, make reindeer poop. A Girl And A Glue Gun has tie-on labels and bag toppers for Rudolph’s leavings in two designs and a variety of sizes. Kids of all ages love these.

So there you go – one trip to the shops, ten little stocking fillers.


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