Control Your Spending With This Week’s Free Thrifty Habits Planner

Free Thrifty Habits Planner For The Week Beginning Monday 27th July

Regularly, Consistently, Habitually Thrifty

Thrifty Habits PlannerWe all want to know how to save money. After years of frugal living and not-so-frugal living I have come to the conclusion that the answer to the question of how to save money is… regularly, consistently, habitually.  It’s not just what thrifty tips you take on board, or how many money-saving ideas you pin to a Thrifty Living Pinterest board – it’s how easy it is to make those money-saving tips into regular, almost mindless habits.  We all spend without thinking:  my aim on Tartan Thrifty is to save money without thinking, to make thrifty living second nature. Because, the less effort you put into living well for less, the more likely you are to keep it up.  So here is the Thrifty Habits Planner I print off and stick up in the kitchen each week – yours to download for free and customise to fit in with your life.  I hope it helps you become regularly, consistently, habitually thrifty too.

This Week’s Habits

This is the week to make something and put cash in marked envelopes. I quite often post about making something – frequently by linking to my Make Something Pinterest Board. I almost never post about putting cash in marked envelopes. That’s because I get a buzz out of making things and spending time on Pinterest. I don’t get a buzz out of putting money in envelopes. It is not very interesting – how often do blog posts about the envelope system go viral? There’s a reason for that.

pursesAnd yet… as I look back on 18 months of trying to change my habits for the thriftier, this is one of the ones that has saved me the most money. It saves me money by letting me keep track of my spending – I can see at a glance when we have next to no grocery money left and have to reign that in for a bit, for example. It saves me money by stopping me from blowing the lot on one family outing and failing to leave enough for petrol and train fares for the rest of the month. It saves me money by making it harder for me to overspend because I take the envelopes with me, not the visa, when I shop. It reminds me what my budget is when I get carried away. Like setting my bank’s website as my browser homepage so that I check it every day, this simple habit has saved me impressive amounts of money. It has also given me the psychological boost of feeling in control of not one (big) budget but a whole bunch of (mini) budgets. And each budget I am in control of makes me feel like someone who spends wisely… which in turn makes me behave like someone who spends wisely. So as I carry out this week’s less interesting habit I will pause to think, “God bless you, slightly tatty and very ordinary budget plastic pencil cases from Morrisons with your garish zips and little plastic key fob labels. Long may you keep the Tartan Family thrifty.”  How will you be taking charge of your budget this month?

How To Use The Thrifty Habits Planner

Click here to download your free copy of this week’s Thrifty Habits Planner.You can look up each habit in The Thrifty Habits in the sidebar to the right for more information.

Look at the Weekly & Monthly/Annual Thrifty Habits.  Decide which day suits you best for each one and pencil it in on that day. When you have done it, tick it off.  Pause for a moment to enjoy the little fizz of smugness this creates.

Got any thrifty ideas of your own?  Add them – and remember to comment about them here so I can steal them admire your cleverness.

Take time at the end of the week to give yourself a little treat as a reward for your thrifty efforts. Then bin this week’s planner and come back to Tartan Thrifty for next week’s planner.  I will post it on Monday 3rd August.

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